At the end

At the end of the day,

At the end of all days

Its just you and me

Oh God, my God

Jesus. At the end of all days

Its just you and me


And when that moment comes,

That I fall down at the sight of your glory

In the warm heat of your love…

I want to be in right standing with you my maker

I want to be living my purpose and making you proud


Oh Lord, how I wish I had never hurt you

How I wish I had never strayed from your path

Ignored your voice

But I have, oh so many times

Sought my own interests

and looked away from your face


Yet your mercies are new every morning

Your loving kindness is greater than life

Your truth is eternal and you are faithful in every way


Time and time again, you have rescued me

from the pit I dug with my own bare hands


You are God of the universe

And creator of my heart

You know my inner most being more than anyone does

or ever could


In you I find my refuge and hope

In you I look to for grace and strength

to be the person I hope to be


Lord God, I turn to you, to you and you alone

All my other loves and desires, I would with tears lay down

Sacrifice them if I had to,

yes, by your grace I would sacrifice each one

for the sake of serving you


But I know Lord, what you desire of me

Is a broken spirit, the sacrifice of a contrite heart

So Lord I offer my meagre being, renew it and use it

It is alive in you


All I want is to be faithful unto you

All I want is to shine your light of truth

And in my heart preserve it, as it preserves me


I want to sit at your feet, hear your heart

Love, love and dance, with you at the forefront


For every sin I’ve committed,

It has been a sin against no-one but you

And every good thing that has come my way,

It has been only of your goodness and grace


I know this all to be true; but still Lord,

Revive me again…

Dig the well of longing in my heart,

That I will spend my days drawing deeper and deeper

From your springs of living water


My heart is like a language I have always known,

(But In which I am still not fluent)

With the words I have learnt,

I hear it day in and day out


Many times the melodies are sweeter than I think I could ever express

With tunes so joyous I feel almost quite outside myself

Lifted and lifted, I sing along,

With a smile on my lips…I laugh, I love


Yet sometimes the whispers take a sadder note,

Like a mirror with streaks across its pure glass front

Unable to see, the clarity is lost; life gets foggy

And the lighthouse seems lost


Yes I cry sometimes, without any warning,

My heart springs forth a fountain  of this;

Bittersweet reality, of truths that sting,

Not always wrong, just always painfully real


I remember, I think, I ponder, I pray, my heart starts beating

…Yahweh Yahweh


Because suddenly I am desperate, desperate to be held,

I am desperate to be assured that all will be well

I need to find the one, the one who is greater…

The one who is greater than my heart


As it beats and it beats, the cries grow to groans

And my spirit joins like a crash of cymbals!


And in an instant, so powerful, desperation bows to love.


Love sweeps over, Love soaks in,

Love makes perfect, Love chokes sin


Love quiets storms, and Love warms cold

Love melts mountains and Love fills holes


Love takes pieces, and Love makes whole

Love judges not, Love presents hope


Love shows light, Love shows truth

Love comes in, and Love makes home


Love never forces, but Love always gives

Love always knocks, and waits to get in


Love never leaves, Love never gives up

Love gives all, and Love fails not


I belong to Love, 7 years complete

And Love has kept me since that day 

for Love does not slumber nor sleep


So in the days when life’s troubles,

Seem to fly at me like darts,

Love reminds me that it is King

King and guardian of my heart


©2012 Joanna I. Gara,


If I may do one thing, let me love God

If I may do two, let me love his people


Inside me is my heart; the unseen jar for love

filled by his grace with heavens greatest jewel

Christ Jesus, reign, reign, reign in my heart

that it may be filled by you and overflow

overflow over your loved ones


If I may do one thing, let me love God

If I may do two, let me love his people


May my light be pure, untamed by modernity

May my voice be honest, for truth sets free

May my purpose and intention be motivated..

by love. Love. May I love.


If I may do one thing, let me love God

If I may do two, let me love his people


Every day is filled with music, all around I hear it

Songs of lives of hurt and pride; songs of living notes.

But bells do ring, as candles burn feircely

For Grace and Love came down;  may I ring of life’s return


If I may do one thing, let me love God

If I may do two, let me love his people


Beaneth ambitions, hopes and plans,

lays the deepest desire of all,

It cannot be buried and I learnt not to try

for it is my lifes ultimate goal:


To feel the love of my maker, and to love in return

To be captivated by his essence

To be lifted high above the worlds soggy ground,

and sit in his glorious presence


To feel my chest bursting with joy, with love..

the purest of  love as intended.

and to pour it all out, share it and bask in the truth

Of a life lived with God..as intended.


If I may do one thing, let me love God

If I may do two, let me love his people


but not one, not two, but thousands of seconds

moments, hours and days do I have

where I can love my God, my keeper forever

and in loving him, love his people too


God loves you with an intensity you will never fully fathom

He adores and cherishes you as a Father loves child.


Love God, love Jesus, each day falling deeper and deeper

and in him be moved to love those around you, love them fully..

As God so loved the world..


©2011 Joanna Gara,



On that day when you feel a tad bit alone

When all you can feel is that no one is home

When family and friends at no fault of their own

are busy or far and cant pick up the phone

Remember the God who will always be there

Remember the God whose love makes repair

Remember the God who hugs like no other

Remember your God; your so loving father

On that day when good friends surround every side

The hustle and bustle of crowds and good times

All talking and laughing and smiling with joy

yet you feel rather lonely, you feel rather void

Remember the God who will always be there

Remember the God whose love makes repair

Remember the God who hugs like no other

Remember your God; your so loving father

On that day when you feel that they cant understand

When your sources of water now seem like dry land

Where comfort from friends just cant do the trick

And the words of your loved ones just cant seem to stick

Remember the God who will always be there

Remember the God whose love makes repair

Remember the God who hugs like no other

Remember your God; your so loving father

And then on that day when the love overflows

Where the joy in your heart is the strength of your soul

When you stand tall & proud in the work you have done

When you smile out so brightly for life’s  joy and its fun

Remember the God who is still always there

Remember the God whose pure love made repair

Remember the God who still hugs like no other

and give thanks to your God; your so loving Father

Joanna I Gara

Oh Christmas day

In september noon

When I unwrapped a gift

And a lost life bloomed


My sin and trangressions

Like gift wrap torn off

fell down to the floor

as I met my true love


I had opened the gift

that would change my life

A gift of such worth

A gift of great price


It was Christmas day

tho the bells did not ring

the snowflakes still skyward

the carolers didnt sing


But high up in heaven

Was a celebration so great

For I had met Jesus

I found his embrace


Oh Christmas day,

Christ born in my heart

To reconcile my spirit

to my God up above


Oh Christmas day

My text came alive

as I felt his dominion

take hold of my life


Oh Christmas day

when a few months went by

I rejoiced on His birthday

for it gave me my life!!!


john 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son…” In every Christmas year, we must celebrate the Gods amazing gift of grace,gift of love, the gift of life!!

“…That whosoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have eternal life” I also rejoice for I remember the day I unwrapped this gift, and that life came alive in me.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Jesus be praised, have an awesome time  😀



Joanna I Gara


Lonely heart, forgotten soul

Like dirt beneath the cobble road,

Not noticed by those marching by

Her tears drops are her sole ally.

Liquid diamonds streak her cheeks

Her lashes matt from constant streams

Painful secrets stab from inside

Like the norm of breath, is her constant cry.

She is dead inside, or almost there

The rock bed of tears is her longing stare

Not to outside, or those around

But inside herself, what can’t be found.

A sudden crack! The broken end

Her heart gives up the final bend

Too much, too long, to painful now

She gave it up, it can’t be found.

Oh woe to her, the forgotten soul

The lonely heart that longed to know

True love was lost, and so she died

She died inside, so lived a lie.


Don’t let us lose another one

A friend, a love, oh Fathers son!

So clear is it when we learn to see

Those who cry so desperately

Joanna I Gara

Deeper and deeper I flow in you

My spirit sings a song so new

Of love and comfort, peace and joy

Oh amazing grace, my Lord, my love


How can I leave this sacred place?

Forever in you, in your embrace

This is what I hope for, what I dream

To remain in you, my God, my King


A thousand seas below starry nights

I would sail through Lord, if you say it’s right

I know your hand would be upon the winds

To guide me on, my protector, my Prince


Forever and ever and ever I pray

To sit at the feet of my father Yahweh

That my life song sings of your undying love

For I desire you wholly, my Creator, my all


In Christ Alone all hope is found

In Christ I stand on solid ground

In Christ I sing Amazing Grace

How great dear Lord, is your faithfulness…


Joanna I Gara